Naše Zálesíčko in the news

“In summer 2015 we played theatre – The Master and Margarita at “Záleská divadelná púť” and we became the witnesses of a miracle, which exists in Zálesie for many years. Local residents created village center, which withstands the strictest architectural and aesthetic criteria not to sit at home behind their iron gates, but to be able to meet outside. They started organizing cultural event, where every year they invite the best of the best in Slovakia within theaters, music, fine art and literature. In times of current mental apathy, which rules the citizens of villages all across Slovakia, Zálesie is very unique. We keep our fingers crossed for these people not to ever miss the energy, which is so needed for all of this, for their community to grow and flourish and at the same time we thank them for wonderful positive atmosphere of creativity and belonging, which rules you and space around you.”

Ondrej Spišák  – director, Teatro Tatro


“In the best possible way I envy our neighbors in Zálesie the high level at which they develop their community life. The concentration of enthusiasts is remarkable. With professional support they are able to produce artistically demanding program through which they can address thousands of people, which honestly shocked me in the positive way at the end of summer. We need to uncompromisingly support people, whose mission is to cultivate level of social life in their closest environment.”

Marián Varga – Musician


“Project of international theatrical festival for kids – Záleská divadelná púť – is the work of enthusiasts in the best sense of the word. We need to take into account the fact, that behind label “enthusiasts” lie dozens of people, who are in their own fields real professionals and project of theatrical event is an expression of their relationship to society, culture, place of residence and especially to the children and their creative development. They try to make the world around them better and nicer place for life.”

Patrik Lančarič – director


“Idea of creation of the open cultural space on the Zálesie square is currently cultural and social activity of Don Quijote dimension. Especially at the time when things are usually done on purpose. Creative group around “Naše Zálesíčko” decided to invite people from behind their fences and gates and offer them cultural alternative of common use. Emphasis is put mainly on children and youth and from 1-day microfestival ZÁLESKÁ DIVADELNÁ PÚŤ 2013 became 3-day regular festival with 3000 attendees.”

Martin Valihora – percussionist


“I could be talking a lot about the course of the festival, especially about its unusual variety and quality of particular productions. I will refrain from commenting as I participated in the creation of the program. The greatest experience for me was the actual atmosphere of the event. One experience above all – young viewer had unlimited opportunity to choose from productions dedicated to adults and could move freely throughout the space. All this will create future world view of these children, will be fixed in their memory and help them to open the horizons of cultural man within them.”

Stano Šubík – scenarist, OZ paTália Malý Dunaj