About us

Not so long ago, Zálesie was formed by three streets with a pub in the middle, a chapel, grocery store and and an empty park. The cultural life of the village consisted of feast football in summer and St. Stefan’ entertainment in winter. No wonder young people longing for cultural experiences went to look elsewhere. Since then, we have gained a few years, several new streets, a large number of new inhabitants and with them the need to create a cultural background for our village.

And so, in 2013, the civic association Naše Zálesíčko was born out of this need. It consists of dozens of active volunteers, ready to fight for the cultural life of Zálesie. Because our village is young and does not have valuable cultural monuments or a rich history, it is up to us to make our place for life more attractive. To build a space for entertainment, sports, art and playful education of our children. Naše Zálesíčko is a place where ideas are born, and where every idea aimed at improving, beautifying and cultivating our environment is realized with enthusiasm. We are here to develop community life, build cultural and moral awareness, and enhance our surroundings through various projects. That is why we are cleaning the Little Danube, that is why built Záleský lighthouse, Caravan of Zálesie, footbridge to Ivanka pri Dunaji and we organize Záleská divadelná púť festival and take care of Korzo Zálesie.

Our vision is to give Zálesia a soul composed of common activities, so that our people do not go looking for experiences elsewhere, but so that others look for us, for the many experiences we offer.