Caravan of Zálesie

logo ZMKB

Since our association consists of group of very active people, we have come up with the idea of very unusual cultural activity – attractive multi-functional and mobile element – caravan or cultural cell, which is moveable source of cultural events in the village.

Zálesie caravan will become our new cultural house on the wheels, which can very easily transform from concert stage into theater stage, cinema screen or space for various exhibitions. It can go with us to the park, meadow or the river bank and become space for all sorts of social and cultural events and activities. It will enable us to enjoy concerts of modern or classical music, theater or summer cinema. We will organize creative workshops for children or adults as well as interviews with interesting people. We are also prepared for cold weather especially during Christmas period when caravan can become space to spend time with friends while having a cup of hot tea or wine. Simply put, whatever idea we invent and come up with, caravan will take us there.

We believe it will address wide spectrum of people, because it offers to satisfy demands of all age categories. It will bring to our village unusual experiences for families with kids, youngsters and it will not forget also our seniors. It will be platform for any projects we invent and come up with, widely thematically focused events with one common denominator – meaningful leisure time.

Be ready, our new community center is on the way, the ride full of fun and culture is coming your way!