Footbridge to Ivanka pri Dunaji

We built footbridge over “Biela voda” creek separating Zálesie from Ivanka pri Dunaji and connected two neighboring villages via educational trail.

Villages Ivanka pri Dunaji and Zálesie were always somehow connected and depended on each other in the past. It is still true today although many things have changed. Ivanka became modern village on outskirts of Bratislava – with strong representation in civic amenities, culture, education, business activities and transport infrastructure. Zálesie profiled itself more as village for quiet living and rest. Relationship and connection between these two villages remained. Citizens of Zálesie go to Ivanka for banking, post office, restaurant, bus or train. Children visit elementary or art school. Last but not least we go to Ivanka for swimming, fishing or recreation by the lake “Štrkovka”, which stretches on borders of three cadastres – Ivanka pri Dunaji, Zálesie and Most pri Bratislave. On the other hand citizens of Ivanka cannot do without nature in cadastre Zálesie, Little Danube river, culture, friends and relatives. Both villages were always connected by close family bonds. Despite strong relational, demographic and geographic proximity both villages were separated by Jesuit Forest and “Biela voda” creek without any bridging. Connection on foot was possible either via dangerous second class road, long detour via “Šúrsky kanál” dyke or “Biely potok” creek wade.

We are extremely grateful for all the help with footbridge realization, especially to Matej Kobera and his firm Kobera NAD for voluntarily clearing up the new forest road with heavy mechanisms, delivering and setting up of concrete footing and to Ľubo Dudašík and his firm FeroMAX, who generously delivered footbridge steel structure as sponsorship gift. We also need to mention great help of all volunteers, who painted and installed massive wooden structure made of oak joists, for which we obtained finances from Zelené oázy Nadácia Ekopolis.