Korzo Zálesie

Embankment revitalization of the Little Danube river for free time activities

Multi-year project gradually step by step transforms neglected river embankment into live village promenade. Space enables walks in the nature, local fauna and flora discovery, offers rest for rafters, tourists, cyclists and locals.

Former dump site at the river embankment was replaced by rest area with small lookout in the form of lighthouse and wooden pier used for debarkation, promenading or picnic under canopies. Latest additions are natural amphitheater for small cultural activities with majestic view of the river in the background as well as entrance object in its first stage – cultural and information center with refreshments. Eventually everything will merge with its natural surroundings.

Korzo Zálesie should gradually become place where one can meet neighbors while enjoying a coffee or baked fish, dance or listen to music in the amphitheater over the weekend. Experience educational courses for schools directly in nature during the week or lectures on various topics in the evening.

Spot, where rafters can embark or disembark, re-charge energy and supplies or rent a boat.

Port, where citizens of Zalesie can anchor their ships year-round.

The destination for the cyclists either from Vrakuňa, Malinovo or Sv.Jur. Place for service or re-charge of electric bike.

Safe and calming path for residents of remote part of the village called “Domky”, who up to now had to use rather dangerous third class road.

Current information about Korzo Zálesie can be found at Facebook.