Civic association Naše Zálesíčko in 2020

We will all probably agree that the year 2020 surprised us all. For better or for worse. We will focus here on the good part.

Thanks to friends, supporters, fans, volunteers, donors, residents of Zálesie,  local and regional government, the Civic Association Naše Zálesíčko (OZNZ) has managed to implement a number of quality projects. We tried to move our plans forward despite more challenging conditions. We managed to evaluate Zálesie in the amount of 51,000 EUR .

When we recapped the previous year, we realized to have spent 4,400+ volunteer hours in plethora of activities. What have we achieved with your help?

  • In the year so hostile to culture, we managed to organize the 10th year of the Záleská divadelná púť festival. We were able to organize the event thanks to the support from the public resources of the Fund for the Support of the Arts (Fond na podporu umenia), many performers, the creators of the festival, who allowed the culture to breathe.
  • While keeping social distancing, we co-organized the contactless family activity “Journey through a fairytale forest “, which was a part of International Children’s Day celebration.
  • Záleská maringotka (our mobile cultural center) hosted the Prague Spring event at Korzo Zálesie . We would like to thank the Scout Institute for your cooperation.
  • We have removed a landfill at Korzo Zálesie (with the help of donations obtained through a charitable online campaign).
  • We carried out a Petition for the removal of fences by the Little Danube and the return of the place to the public.
  • We secured the author’s supervision during the construction of the pier and other elements of Korzo Zálesie (free of any charge).
  • We launched social networks (Facebook and Instagram) of Korzo Zálesie, which immediately became popular.
  • We campaigned for sustainable transport to Zálesia, rescue and protection of animals on the Little Danube.
  • We modified the paved areas on Korzo, removed the weed and extended the sidewalk to the bridge to Malinovo in cooperation with Matej Kobera and Peter Benko Sehring .
  • We withdrew the application for a subsidy in the amount of 6,300 euros and donated funds back to the municipality of Zálesie for quality roads, sewers, sidewalks.
  • We helped Lodenica Zálesie to save the Gešajov’s mills.
  • We procured a service boat for both representative purposes and for the needs of cleaning the Little Danube and services around Korzo Zálesie.
  • We repeatedly cleaned Zálesie, the surroundings of Korzo Zálesie and the area by the Little Danube.
  • We carried out brigades, landscaping, planted 300 pieces of donated greenery in cooperation with the Gardening Center Miroslav Horváth, the Garden Center Malinovo and Plantag in Veľký Biel.
  • We constructed “the highest hill” in Zálesie – a green roof at the Bus Stop.
  • We have prepared implementation project documentation and visualization for the completion of the entrance building – Korzo Zálesie to the Cultural and Ecological Center.
  • We completed the technical equipment at the Lighthouse in cooperation with MM Systems and UKAZ .
  • We have improved and implemented green solutions for lighting on piers in cooperation with AZETA sro, MM Systems and Števko Slivoň .
  • We have prepared the foundations for the Cultural and Ecological Center.
  • We used a recycled signpost for better orientation on the banks of the Šúr channel.
  • We donated 100 books of Gešajovské poviedky to the village of Zálesie for representative purposes.
  • We have repeatedly helped with the Covid 19 testing.
  • We carried out a low-current electrical installation for a temporary district office in the Zálesie’ culture center (Dom kultúry).
  • We have prepared project documentation for the implementation – Reconstruction of the local pub for the purpose of relocating the municipal office.
  • We have prepared a project to obtain funding for the project Dom kultúry Zálesie – Reconstruction of the local pub for the purpose of relocating the municipal office.
  • We transformed the existing project documentation of the Cycling Route Ivanka pri Dunaji into cycling tourism, and at the same time prepared the implementation project documentation of the “gazebo and service point”.
  • We have prepared the implementation project documentation Lávka, bridge to Malinovo – barrier-free and collision-free walking route to Domky.
  • We presented Zálesie in the media, in particular: RTVS, Televíkend, Rádio Slovensko, TV TA3, Markíza, Ružinovská televízia, newspaper Pravda, Rádio Devín, CE ZA AR. TV and a number of online and print media.
  • We helped OZ Spiritual in the production of a live Advent decoration.
  • We participated in the BSK workshop on financing project repositories for the future.
  • We have joined the thematic commissions of the Environment and Tourism and Culture on regional soil.
  • What has made us all extremely happy, is still pleasing and will be for a long time to come is the Architecture Award CE ZA AR 2020 in the Exterior category for the Korzo Zálesie project from the portfolio of Petr Derevenec and Vojtech Krumpolec. Congratulations!

All these activities of the civic association Naše Zálesíčko make us happy. It is a great joy for us, so we do not hesitate even in these times and we are constantly working on the development of the community, village, society, surroundings and us.

We prepare projects, articles, participate in seminars, find finances, invent, learn, look for solutions, raise our hands and are not afraid of hard work.

Since its beginning, Naše Zálesíčko civic association has brought almost EUR 1 million to the village of Zálesie and the surrounding area . It’s an incredible amount to improve the environment around us. We thank you, all our friends, for doing activities that we enjoy. For you, for us, for everyone.